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The Goods Line Sydney | Designed by ASPECT Studios
The Goods Line

The Goods Line is a new civic spine for Sydney. Once a conduit for trade, the former rail line is reinterpreted to carry the precious cargo of a thriving neighbourhood - culture, creativity and community.

project design lead ASPECT Studios
design partner CHROFI
client Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

Building on the NSW Government’s vision for a pedestrian and cycle connection from Central to Darling Harbour, ASPECT Studios have led the design for the transformation of this disused Rail Corridor into a vibrant ‘public campus’.

Commissioned by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and in collaboration with design partners CHROFI, ASPECT Studios have created a public destination which connects more than 80,000 tertiary students, locals and visitors to the many major attractions of Sydney’s much-loved Darling Harbour.

The former elevated rail corridor features a series of ‘platforms’, which can be used for a variety activities including, public entertainment, recreation, festivals and study. It will further connect arts, education and cultural institutions along Sydney’s Cultural Ribbon.

The Goods Line is an example of the potential for design to transform isolated city spaces into creative and connected public destinations which enhance public life.

This unique elevated park has seen a disused Rail Corridor running from Railway Square to Darling Harbour reimagined as a leafy, energised civic spine in the heart of Sydney’s most densely populated area.

“What was once a conduit for trade has been reinterpreted to carry the precious cargo of a thriving neighbourhood: culture, creativity and community,” says The Goods Line project lead designer and ASPECT Studios director, Sacha Coles.